What is Three-Quarters?

Good question. My mind changes all the time.

Essentially, it’s a newsletter about coffee, coffee culture but also, life. This is mainly because I don’t always have anything insightful to say about coffee, but it’s also because a lot of life happens over coffee or some other beverage. It’s a part of the furniture of our existence that deserves to be thought about a lot more. So that’s what Three-Quarters is. I’m thinking about coffee and I’m thinking about the furniture of our existence. I hope you’ll stay and read more.

But why is it called ‘Three-Quarters’?

Another top question.

This newsletter began life as ‘Three Quarters Coffee’. It was a newsletter so explicitly about coffee, that I had to put the word ‘coffee’ in the name. Also, inexplicably to some, I chose not to use a hyphen between ‘three’ and ‘quarters’.

I chose the name because my original concept was to have a newsletter that was mostly about coffee, with some additional non-coffee related pizazz. This died a death when I decided that I was putting too much pressure on myself to follow a concept and so instead decided to level with the readers, relegate the word ‘coffee’ to the strapline and just write some words each week. Also, I have a hyphen now. It’s like when Bryan McFadden became Brian McFadden. Do what you like, live your truth.

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